An Australian girl discovering the Pacific Northwest

At the beginning of 2015 my husband and I moved from Brisbane in Australia to Seattle. I have spent my life surrounded by food so it is only natural that, for me, exploring a new city means exploring it through the local food.

I grew up with cooking playing a big part in my life. My whole family is enthusiastic about food and my granny, mum, dad and sister have all played a significant part in inspiring my love of food and cooking (check out my brilliant sister’s blog here). Family events revolved around the kitchen, with weeks of menu planning, shopping trips and several days filled with cooking. I would always love setting the table on the day; dressing it up and making everything look beautiful when our parents’ guests would arrive. To this day, nothing makes me happier than spending the day cooking for my friends and family.

I started this blog to document our adventures discovering this new city and country we now call home. It will be full of recipes using beautiful local produce, as well as some classic American recipes. Every post will be based around a key ingredient – something newly discovered, an old favourite or something perfectly in season. I hope you enjoy reading. 


PS. Although I am currently discovering food and life in the USA, forgive me for retaining most of my Australian words and measurements. If you are American:
biscuit = cookie (unless otherwise stated)
coriander = cilantro
cornflour = corn starch
icing sugar = confectioners sugar
castor sugar = bakers sugar (really just a finer grind of sugar)
plain flour = all purpose flour.

I measure mostly in grams and liters, though occasionally in cups. My oven temperature is measured in Celsius. The conversions should be easy for you to find out, although most electronic scales (which I highly recommend you own) should be able to measure in grams for you.