Egg Yolk

Mayonnaise and Seafood sauce

My third and final recipe this week is a simple one, and unless you are Australian one you are unlikely to associate with Christmas. When Christmas is in the middle of a baking hot summer, roast and hot side dishes is not what you want. Cold cuts of meat, salads, and seafood more often grace the tables of an Australian.

On Christmas Eve my family would always sit down and watch a Christmas movie together with a plate of prawns, seafood sauce and a glass of champagne. It was one of my favourite traditions, a night of relaxation with just the four of us spending time together. I love Christmas day, but with all the family I have I was lucky if I only had three events to get to on Christmas day. That doesn’t even include all the events that happened every weekend throughout December. So that night was always my favourite. A brief time to slow down, enjoy some great food and time with my favourite people.

So although I am halfway around the world from those people, tonight I’m going to sit down with my husband, with White Christmas on in the background, a glass of champagne in my hand, and a plate of prawns with seafood sauce.

2 egg yolks
just shy of 1 tbsp lemon juice
200mL olive oil
Seafood sauce
tomato sauce
worcestershire sauce
lemon juice

To make the mayonnaise, whisk the egg yolks, salt and lemon juice together.
Drizzle in a teaspoon of oil at a time, slowly, whisking to incorporate each teaspoon fully before starting the next.
Once you have incorporated about a third of the oil, start slowly drizzling in the olive oil in a very thin stream, whisking the whole time. 
Once you have a lovely thick emulsion that is starting to come away from the sides of the bowl, you have yourself some mayonnaise. 
To make the seafood sauce, combine all the ingredients in a bowl. I haven’t put any volumes, as it really comes down to taste. The ingredients are in order of volume from biggest to smallest, so there should be a big spoonful of tomato sauce, a slightly smaller spoonful of mayonnaise, a drizzle of lemon juice and worcestershire sauce, a pinch of salt and pepper.
Enjoy your seafood sauce with some fresh bread, prawns and a squeeze of lemon.

Seafood sauce-5.jpg